PIPE SCREENS 100 ct - Metal.

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  • PIPE SCREENS 100 ct - Metal.
  • PIPE SCREENS 100 ct - Metal.
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PIPE SCREENS 100 ct - Metal.


How to Use Metal Pipe Screen

Metal pipe screens come in different sizes, usually ranging from 0.5” to 1”. Bigger bowls need bigger screens. Since metal screens are so malleable, you must simply press the mesh disc into the pipe until it fits flush with the bottom of the bowl. Be sure that the screen covers the hole. Metal and wood pipes typically have holes in the side, while glass bowls have holes on the bottom.

How to Clean Pipe Screen

Clean metal screens often to avoid clogging and check for holes regularly. Avoid overheating a metal screen, as it damages the screen and may even release dangerous chemicals depending on the metal. If you smoke regularly, do change the metal pipe screen regularly once in couple of weeks. 

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